Unit V Essay & Discussion Questions

  • Discuss the influence of Nietzsche and Freud on the modernist movement, giving specific examples of their impact on arts and ideas.
  • What was transcendentalism? How did it influence the writings of Henry David Thoreau?


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Unit IV Questions

If you have not already, please feel free to use the essay questions for Unit IV as discussion questions for your blog comments!


  • What was different about the approach baroque-era scientists and philosophers took compared to what someone would do today? Consider the political-religious system of the time. What do you think would happen today if you claimed the truth of some theory that was not approved of by the contemporary power structure?
  • What are the basic points of the theories of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke? What do they have in common, and on what points do they radically differ? Which of their ideas do you agree with, and why?

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More Discussion Questions, Unit IV

  • Discuss the major changes to England in the seventeenth century.
  • What are the characteristics of seventeenth-century French Drama?
  • How would you describe classical baroque?
  • Describe the Rococo style in painting.


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Discussion Questions, Unit III

  1. Describe the status of women during the early Renaissance in Italy.
  2. Describe the Venetian school of Renaissance painting.
  3. In Castiglione’s Book of the Courtier , what are the roles of men and women and their social relations?


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Discussion Questions, Unit II Continued

  • What were the seven liberal arts? Would you agree that a well-rounded person should be *at least* proficient in all seven?
  • Why was the Council at Nicea in 787 important?
  • How did the feudal system work?
  • Why (or How) are the works of the female author Dhuoda significant?
  • How did medieval Islam influence the West?


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