One response to “Five Steps to Success (Papers)

  1. Susie McReynolds

    I’ve always thought I was a pretty good writer. I always did the best on essays in school than anything. I guess that’s why English is my best subject. The hardest part about writing to me is putting all the information in sequence so it all comes together. We have all experienced a time when writing a paper we sit and think about what to write, but nothing comes to mind. This seems to happen more times than not for me. Writing is so hard for some people because it uses linguistic, motor, memory, and integration of diverse cognitive. Your five steps to success really help. I’ve also noticed that if you begin to have writers block, do not keep writing. It’s best when you just get up and do something else then come back to it later. At least that’s what I have to do or I could sit there for hours. When I first start a paper, I just get a piece of paper and just start writing. I don’t really make sense of it, but I just start writing. Then after I have wrote the paper, I then go back over and read making corrections to it. Then I organize it so that it’s not blotchy. After I do my final copy.

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