23 responses to “Five Steps to Success for Exams

  1. Carrie Priest

    Carrie Priest
    The five steps to be successful for the exam were really helpful. I’m just starting on chapter 1 and I am confident that I will be a successful online student. The helpful hints about how to write the essay questions for the exam really did help assist me. Essay questions can be tricky sometimes and these tips can help me to be prepared for our exams.

  2. This on line course is starting to become a little more familiar than I thought. This was a rough start to the week due to school being delayed. Im glad you are a professor who explains and make things much clear. The tips you have provided for success with on line classes and success for exam were extremely helpful. Thank you Professor Taylor

  3. Peggy Reynolds

    These tips will become very helpful and make me feel better about the class. When I started looking at the text book and all of the text that needed to be read, I was starting to get worried about understanding it all. When I started reading the book, I am really getting in to it. I have been using step 2 a lot. I really like all of these helpful tips.

  4. Tracey Tyson

    Tracey Tyson
    August 18, 2011 11:34
    The five steps to take an exam is real good information to follow. These five steps can be utilized not only in this course but, these steps can be followed in any class I may have. I do appreciate this information to successful take an exam in this class.
    Also, “How to write an essay questions on exam” is good information to keep in mind while writing the response to essay questions. “Read the question carefully” is very important. Not managing time well and rushing through the question can change the entire response and possibly be totally wrong. I really am enjoying the blog portion of the class.

  5. Shannon Tucker

    I am not a good test taker. I already took test one. I jumped ahead of myself and regret it! I didn’t do great on test one either. I totally missed the practice test, and I saw last week that they were aviable. I am so mad at myslef. I will make it up on the next unit.

  6. Susie McReynolds

    Test taking is so hard. I’m absolutely horrible on taking test. I think it’s the pressure of the time. I tend to freeze up on them and it’s like my mind goes blank. I’m so scared to even take the 1st one. I’ve had this problem since high school. I try not to look at the time, but then when I do that I go over the time limit. I’m also pretty bad at second guessing myself. I’ll think it’s the right answer, then think about it to long and change it… If i’d kept it the same I would of got it correct. On step one, it says to proofread the material. See, this may be the big problem. It’s hard for me to just sit and read a chapter and understand it. I have to really try and understand it. This meaning I have to read a chapter and ask myself, “what was it about?” So I keep doing that until I get it. You say in step two that you should write it down. That’s a good idea. I’ll start trying that. I’ve never tried taking notes while I read, so that may help. Step three is also very helpful. When you review your notes, write them down. I think this would be helpful because writing things down, your also saying it in your head. You tend to remember them more. I haven’t taken the test yet, but before I do I’m going to watch the power point video. Do those review what you need to know? It so nice that you provide practice tests. This will help tremendously. I’ve never had a professor who provided practice test for the real exam. I could see how this would help! Thanks so much Professor Taylor! I look forwarding to learning in your class and trying to do well on the test. I appreciate the tips (:

  7. Beth Buechler

    Exams and tests are extremely challenging for me. I feel like I know a lot of the information and then i just go blank. I study and study, but when it is test day…im ready to have a heart attack cause I can not remember anything. i agree with this blog about previewing the material before you read. It’s a very good diea. It helps give me an idea on what the chapter is about before i really get into reading it. on step two, it tell you to write little notes in the book while reading. i think i will try this next time and see if it works compared to actual note taking on regular paper. The one thing that I learned most in this blog is to really concentrate on the practice tests. They are what the exam is made up of. One thing I didnt understand was on step four. It says to have your notes in front of you while watching videos on the topic; however, I do not understand that if you write your notes throughout your book, how are you going to have all your notes infront of you? I would have to have my whole book, flipping through pages while Im also trying to watch a video. I will try it; however, I just do not seeing it as being such a brilliant idea.

  8. Susie McReynolds

    I’m so happy!! The past exams I didnt do to well on. Im here updating everyone on how I passed. The best thing to do it to take the practice test for each section at least two times! This really really helps!!! I knew almost all the questions on the exam and I’m much more confident! Thanks Professor Stacy!!

  9. Ashlie Hood

    Thank you very much Professor Stacy for the helpful tips. I will be able to use this informationin this class as well as my other three classes. I have a habit of reading until the text begins to run together, but these tips may help to break up the extended reading time. I appreciate a professor who invests time in helping their students succeed. The information we are covering is very interesting to me, hopefully it pays off. Thanks again!

  10. Melissa Rogers

    Thank you for sharing this information it was very helpful and I will be able to use it in all my classes now and in the future .I like a Professor who takes the time to help there students be successful because not to many will do that. Thank you again.

  11. Shari

    Shari I hate taking test. These tips will me a whole lot. I just to study more than a 1 or 2 hours. I will use all these tips.

  12. Amber Franzell

    As well as many of the other students I am a bad test taker. I am hoping these tips will help, as well as the practice test. I have to say the tips are straight to the point but also helps you understand what you need or should do to help you make test easier and not be as stressful.

  13. Dana Settle

    I am usually not to bad at taking test as long as I do the right amount of studying. These tips are very hopeful and i am confident that they will help me do even better than I normally would. I really like the fact that the exams contain the questions from the practice tests, I think because of this there should be no reason to do bad when it comes time to take the quizzes.

  14. Sandy Lesher

    I often find myself reading an entire book and when I put it down, I have no clue what I just read. I am usually pretty good about taking test and remember information pretty well, but I usually use study notes and focus only on the correct answers. I am actually going to test out these new tips right now.

  15. Emily Holbrook

    I am glad to see that you think we should Preview, Read, and Review. All through grade school we were taught about this method of studying but it never helped me. Now that I am enrolled in the online class, I am positive it will help me to do well on the exams and papers. I enjoy organizing my notes using the Cornell style. It pulls the main idea out on the left side of the page while the facts about the main ideas are on the right. Using this method, it is easiest for me to go through and read the beginning of the chapter, as well as the headlines in each section then while reading, take notes in the Cornell style. I am confident that this will prepare me for the exam. I am also very thankful for the practice exams. When I have no idea how the test is going to look then I am very nervous about taking it. Luckily, with the practice exams, I will have an idea of what is going to take place.

  16. I really do appreciate you giving us the very important information. I can’t speak for everybody else but I’m the worst a taking test without notes. After a while my mind goes blank, and the material just all becomes one big blob in my head. With me taking four online classes you really just simplified this course for thank you so much. Looking forward to acing this class with all the good information on how organize and keep up with the work load of this class and others.

  17. Julia Pike

    I’ve never learned how to study. I’ve always very disorganized in my taking notes and reviewing them, I never know what is important and what isn’t… Thank you for giving us some tips on how to read, take notes and studying, that will definitely help me.

  18. Charletta Smith

    I printed this off so i have it to look over because those are some really good ideas. Hopefully it improves my test taking skills. Thank you very much.

  19. Jennifer Boomershine

    What an excellent blog post! A lot of people do not have good study skills and this is very informational.

  20. Katie Longacre

    These “5 Steps to Success for Exams” will definitely be very helpful. I have already covered a little in Chapter . I always pre-read chapters to first get a concept about what I’m about to be looking over, and as I read I generally take notes with the outline you provided on blackboard.By using your outline my notes have already started out very organized. I might go through and type it into word once I have watched your power points (which I also find very helpful), and get more information. I do plan on taking all of the practice exams because as you stated our tests come straight from those, so it will be a very good way to review all of the material.

  21. Diona Scott

    The 5 steps for exam success was very helpful to me. I didn’t realize that there was a pre-reading section. I would always just open the book or chapter that I was reading and go. The thing that I learned from pre-reading is that by skimming the chapter, you can understand more about what and why you are covering the chapter and it makes it more interesting. I always find myself practicing quite a bit when it comes to exams, I feel it helps me take exams better or at least prepares me for the exam format.

  22. Jenna Carrico

    I have found the practice exams to be extremely helpful. I have a lot of test anxiety. I have been studying like crazy and I get so nervous, I end up ruining it for myself. But this step by step process helps break it down and make it easier to take it all in. Hopefully I can keep my cool for the test!

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