8 responses to “Roman Poets: Virgil, Horace, & Ovid

  1. Chloe Senn

    Greek and Roman poetry is elaborate and beautiful. It is difficult for English speakers today to catch the meaning of every line or word, due to the use of slang and the gap in time. The list you provided of characters is severely long and would be extremely difficult to ever memorize. But I thank you for the extra information.

  2. Dana Settle

    I absolutely LOVE Greek mythology! This was very interesting for me to read and I really hope to soon read Metamorphoses.

  3. I would like to know is this something that we will be quizzed on? Do I need to retain this information for a test do the line?

  4. Thank you may I copy and pates this to my microsoft word?

  5. Emily Holbrook

    I love reading about the Greek and Roman play writing pasts. I think it is so interesting that they had so many Gods and Goddesses. In today’s culture, even the most popular religions only believe in one God. When I first learned about all of the different Gods and Goddesses, I was so interested in the meaning of the each individual’s name and all of the differences. Reading this just made me remember some of the names I learned back in high school.

    • Diona Scott

      Hi Emily,
      I also remember learning some of the names of the Greek Gods and Goddesses back in high school. It seems like it is so many to remember, but I’m sure for the people in ancient Greece it wasn’t a big issue.

  6. Melissa Rogers

    I love learning about Greek mythology and the gods and goddesses, I find it all to be so interesting. I hope to soon be able to read Metamorphoses.

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