22 responses to “Plagiarism

  1. Steven Albrecht

    I see now a clear-cut Image of plagiarism, and I thank you for that. I can’t believe people that take the time to go find someones ideas, texts, or thoughts wouldn’t just take the time to site it. On the other hand I wouldn’t think that this “safe assignment function” could pick up on if your using others’ “thoughts”. Not that I would so such a thing, I just don’t believe it has that kind of technology to actually predict your thought patterns by just reading your paper. And to be honest are any of our thoughts ever original? There’s tons of people that walk this earth, and have walked this earth, I would think that any thought I would ever have has been thought of at least 100 times over.

    But anyways, back to the plagiarism before you students turn in your papers go check it for plagiarism, there are many sites that let you do this free!!! It could save you a lot of academic trouble, and It only will take about two minutes.

  2. Joseph Hedge

    I have not copied or pasted anything in my papers that I know of. One of my papers says 0% and the other says 2% I am not sure what the 2% is though. I have cited any work I got from another site like it is supposed to be but that was just 2 pictures. Could this be what the 2% is?

    Joe Hedge

  3. I see both sides of the story. It’s not fair to have some work so hard to write a paper and then someone so easily go up and steal it; take all the credit for it and never gave it much thought. I have never heard of a plagiarism checker, never knew it was a such thing. It is good that way you know if someone is being honest. But the thing that gets me is theres alot of people that have the same thought. People agree on the same things. If that’s the case is it going to pull up that you plagiarised? I am going to research this more. I am going to make sure to cite everything I do. But when you cite some information are you taking the exact words and citing it? or are you rewording it and than citing where you get the information? If anyone could help me understand more that would be greatly appreciated. I am so used to writing in my own thoughts. Thank you, Deborah Eastwood

  4. Chloe Senn

    I understand the reasoning for eliminating plagiarism. Although, I do not understand how someone could know if an idea that they have created on their own has already been published somewhere else in the world. I understand the steps necessary to cite your sources and information, and I will do my absolute best to follow the guidelines properly. I do hope that no one gets penalized for not knowing that an idea that they had, was already published, and they receive punishment for such a non-deliberate mistake.

  5. Richard Robinette

    This is a very good topic for all students. I do feel most of us did not give any thought that using someone else’s idea would be considered plagiarism. I just finished a history class in the summer session and the instructor was very serious about plagiarism also. I did a couple of papers for that class and felt I gave credit to all citied work. The instructor gave good feedback and did not have any concerns on this matter. I will continue to do my best work and give credit for all words and ideas.

  6. Tammy Hurt

    I have done several papers over the course of my studies and have always heard of plagiarism but never had any problems with any of my papers. I guess the best way to be safe if you get anything from a website or publication, be sure to cite it. There is no way to tell if someone else has already had the same idea that you’ve had. Over the years I’m sure someone, somewhere has come up with the same ideas that I’ve had. But the best thing to do is if you view something, cite it. I’ve never heard of the plagiarism check thing either until this year. Looking forward to using it and see what it says.

  7. Charlene Breckenridge

    I’m sure we have all heard about Plagiarism since very early on in school. However, I can honestly say it has never been described to me to this extreme. Although I knew from researching plagiarism that, it not only means using exact words but also using someone else’s ideals. I don’t think I have ever been told that by a teacher. I think it is great the extent that Professor Stacy goes to, in order to assure we know exactly what can and can’t be done. All of the websites have been very useful. I know it is very easy to plagiarise without being aware of it. Just as the other girl said I see that it would be difficult to know if someone has had the same ideal as you.

  8. Keeley Browning

    I understand what it means to plagiarism, but I was wondering if you cite the sources on the paper is it still plagiarism? Because I know in my essay that I cited everything I used!

  9. I agree with Chloe. The web is a huge place this day in age, there is almost nothing you could look up and not find on the web. So that is scary to think that if someone has already said something similar to you in a past paper that you could be punished for that. For example, when I did my safe assign for essay 1 I received a 10% and that was with absolutely no quotes, just my thoughts and facts. Also I believe that the safe assign takes points for when you state the facts such as birth dates and names, etc. which all are going to be the same one papers about the same person.

  10. susie

    Plagiarism is never acceptable. I think we all are aware of that and have been for many many years. I’ve never heard of a plagiarism “checker”. Actually this is the first course I’ve been in that has a plagiarism “checker”. I’ve never been in a class that had that, but now this class has it and my other class has it. This must be a new thing? I understand the necessity of having a plagiarism “checker” because it’s never okay to use someone else’s words. My concern about this is the fact that some of us have the same ideas. When we put it down on paper, will it come up in this checker that we’ve plagiarized even though this may not be the case. On the other hand… No two people can write the exact same sentence I don’t believe, not sure about that though. Although we may have the same idea’s and thoughts is this going to come up in the plagiarism “checker”? I never knew that using someone’s idea’s as well as their words is considered plagiarism. How is this the case? There are many people that have the same exact idea about something. How can this be considered plagiarism? I mean, how are we suppose to know that someone may feel the same way about something and typed it up online and we write it in our paper and it comes back saying we used someone else’s ideas? I’ve never had a professor go so in dept about plagiarism so thank you Professor Taylor. This is very insightful and it’s something that everyone should be aware of. Now, say we are online searching the Web and we come across someone’s work that we totally agree with. You don’t use their words, you use your own words. What’s this considered? Is this considered plagiarism even though you reword and use your own words? This is something I’ve never really understood. We all must understand the Web is so highly used today there probably isn’t anything you CAN’T find on it. I certainly don’t want this to be mistaken for plagiarism. I’ve always been taught that if you use someone else’s work you cite it. I’ve never been taught that if you read someone else’s work and you RE WORD it, that’s considered plagiarism. Any input would be well appreciated. Thanks!

  11. I believe that the internet makes it easy for people to cheat. Instead of doing the work their selves they take the easy way out.

  12. I understand Plagiarism, but I did learn something new. I did not know that your still plagirzing if your using your own paper for another class. I found that to be interesting as you still did your own work. I believe I have complete understanding now.

  13. Kayla Harrell

    Plagiarism is way too easy and is the lazy way out of doing assignments/essays. The internet makes it way too easily to be done. All’s you have to do is get on the internet and search something; copy and paste it, then put it in your paper and you’re done. That is way too easy. After reading that little summary on plagiarism I now understand the full and complete meaning of plagiarism. I did learn something new. I never knew that just taking the idea of someone else’s work, or just using a few words was plagiarism. I am glad to know that considering I never knew it before. Some people have thought that they have cited the sources right and done everything right so they wouldn’t be accused of plagiarizing, but come to find out they made just one little mistake on citing the sources and was accused of plagiarizing. I have never plagiarized on any of my assignments and I would never do that. It is wrong and the person who came up with the information is not getting awarded for it, you are. And that is not right. I think it is a good idea to have all the essay papers submitted to safe assign to make sure nobody plagiarized in their papers. I hope I never make any mistakes like citing sources wrong or thinking I don’t have to cite sources at all. Thank you for this little passage. It was very helpful.
    Kayla Harrell

  14. Sandy Lesher

    It took a little while before I actually grasped the full concept of plagiarism. There are many areas around writing where it can be very easy to slip up and make a mistake. When it comes to doing a essay, or paper there is no room for error. You have to make sure that you are researching your sources and obtaining all of the correct information. You must also keep up with the format you are using to write your paper. MLA format has recently changed the portion of Internet citing. You no longer have to include the web page URL, you simply replace it with the word “web.” Taking both of my English classes has helped me form my papers in a more organized fashion and improve my researching habits for possible sources. This has helped me prepare for my work cited page so that my sources are cited correctly. Although there are some good websites out there that will put your sources together, they are not always updated with information that has recently changed. I have also realized that you must cite your sources alphabetically, and you are required to do in text citations. If your citations are not correctly noted in text, even if it is a slip up and you give another author credit for the work of another, you have plagiarized. Paraphrasing or quoting any material that does not belong to you is also plagiarism if not cited correctly. Most incidents where plagiarism occurs unintentionally typical happen during the citation process. I usually will review my information gathered from all my sources and do a final review of my paper to ensure I have noted everything correctly before I send it through for grading.

  15. Diona Scott

    Plagiarism is a horrible and luckily I have taken a class with Professor Taylor before (English 101) and I found the Safe Assign is a great way to ensure that the students are not plagiarizing their assignments. I didn’t know that it was out there and I haven’t seen it in any other classes since. I never had any issues with plagiarism personally but I can see how it can be easy to do so considering all of the great information that is out there. When I write papers and want to use material that I read, I either quote it or make sure I take what I gained from the source and completely re-word it into something that is in my words. I also double check to ensure that my words aren’t reading like the source’s words.

  16. charletta smith

    I never could understand why people would plagerize a paper, i mean i could see why- people are lazy but my thing is that if you are gonna take the time to cut and paste then why not go ahead and make some changes and reword everything or at least cite what you copied at least. I blame the internet for making everyone so lazy but i am one that dont know what i would do with out it. It makes everything right at your finger tips. After reading this blog i done some research on plagerism and i have found a website where you can check your papers before you send them in for grading. The website is http://www.duplichecker.com/

  17. Dana Settle

    Plagiarism is never ok, but with so many of the same facts out there floating on the internet I’m sure its not hard to write something that is strikingly similar to what some else has written. It is very important to make sure that you are using your words. If you do use someone elses exact words then it should be cited properly. I am pretty amazed at the program we have today that can tell once you have submitted a paper whether or not you have stolen someone elses ideas. Its actually kinda scary how smart technology has became today.

  18. Melissa Rogers

    It amazes me how many people just don’t care that they use someone else’s work because that’s less work they have to do, instead of taking the time to do it themselves or to make sure they cite it. They want to take the easy way out.

  19. Krystal Vance

    Alot of people do think that “plagiarizing” is copying someones work word for word. I have never done this. I do sometimes like to look at others work to get ideas about a topic, etc., but if I use that information, i put it in my own words and cite the source. The internet makes cheating so easy these days! I didn’t know about the plagiarism checker! How neat!

  20. Kendra

    This is a great tip for writing essays. We discussed plagiarism in detail in my English 101 class. Before that class I had obviously heard of it, but never really understood what it was. I had always just thought that you could summarize an entire paper without penalty as long as you changed the words, but now I realize that you can summarize a sentence or two as long as you cite the original author. Citing sources is something that takes a lot of time and practice, but is a must. I had a teacher who always said “Give Credit Where Credit Is Due.” I always try to remember this when writing essays. If I had taken the time to write an essay I would definitely want others to at least give me credit for writing it instead of trying to pass it off as their own. I think SafeAsign is a great tool for professors to have because they don’t have the time to go though hundreds of essays a semester and try to find out if a student plagiarized.

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