6 responses to “Greek Theater

  1. Theater and plays are something that I really enjoy, yet they are so hard to come by anymore. I love comedy, and most of all….a good tragedy. It’s amazing to me to know that during such a time period, these people enjoyed entertainment just the same as we do today.

  2. Julia Pike

    I have been to hundreds of plays but I had never really wondered about how it all started. Obviously, a lot has changed; most of the theaters are now indoors, although I have attended a few outdoor ones. The shape of the theater has remained the same, with the exception of the Parodos and the shape of the “stage”. It amazes me when I think about the evolution and sophistication of this art. I think that it would be fun to see a play with only three actors and them only using masks. I wonder how much it would take away from the quality of the plays. The closest to the original theater that I have witnessed was when I took my daughters to see a take on “Cinderella”, there was only four actors and a lot of outfit change, it was actually a very good play.

  3. Melissa Rogers

    I thought the the timeline on the Ancient Greek Theater was very interesting to look at and see how we have come. I have seen a few good plays but favorite of all time is Phantom of the Opera and I would love to see it again.

  4. Dana Settle

    I have never seen a play but I would love to, especially if it was one created back in ancient Greece. I am very interested in that time period and their way of life. They were very creative people who contributed to most of the way things still are today.

  5. Sheena

    Like Julia, I’ve been to several plays and didn’t give too much thought as to where they originated, and recognizing that the setup has changed much. It’s amazing to see how much art has transformed, but yet has remained the same.

  6. Like Julia, I’ve seen several plays and never gave much thought as to how they began, it’s interesting to see that not much has changed in the presentation and setup of this art form and how it has influenced television, and several other style plays we see today. It’s amazing how much things have changed, but yet remained the same!

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