This blog is devoted to my HUM120: Introduction to Humanities course at Jefferson Community & Technical College. The course is available for enrolled students on the Blackboard course management system at elearning.kctcs.edu. This blog was begun on January 10, 2011 and is now entering its second semester publishing entries about course materials. Some of the entries, especially for the first four weeks of the course each semester, will be written by ProfessorStacy, but other entries will be written by students. As part of the course requirements, students will write papers about Sculpture, Architecture, Painting, Drama, and an Art Event. Papers with a grade of 3/5 or higher will be published here as a blog entry. This blog will also host film reviews that students have written for and received extra credit. A schedule of publication dates and writers will be listed on each relevant page in the navigation bar.


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  1. The secrets hidden in the Mona Lisa are finally being discovered.
    It’s in the book that just came out, “Isis, La Joconde révélée”.
    I had seen some articles in the press already: … “An extraordinary mythological hunt !”… “The reader will discover what our eyes discern knew” … “This book reveals the hidden face of the Mona Lisa. Staggering !”… “This table is anything other than the enigmatic smile .”…” The decryption of the further Mona Lisa, a real shock!” … “After a long investigation, the author, through explanations and zoom in on details of the painting, reveals the key to the mystery of this unique” …

    I found it on Amazon

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